Section 3 – CONCRETE

Subsection : Polymer Modifiers, Bonding Adhesives, and Waste Latex Paints


On the MTDS of Euclid SBR Latex, it states that the product ‘Complies with ASTM C1059, Type II’, which is strictly prohibited under Section However, the product is listed as a pre-approved polymer modifier. Please confirm whether Euclid SBR Latex is an approved polymer modifier.


Usually the Euclid SBR Latex should be prohibited according to section . However the CNCCC comitee do not want to put at a disadvantage the teams participating in ASCE concrete canoe competition. This is why Euclid SBR Latex is allowed and will remain the only admixture meeting ASTM C1059, type II requirement allowed as specified by the ASCE.