Section 6 – Structural calculation assumptions

Subsection : 6.6.2.M.


The rules state that “Water pressure on the side of the canoe is based on it being submerged to the point that the waterline is at the gunwale but is not pouring over into the canoe”. This causes the canoe to not be in vertical equilibrium due to the water pressure beneath the canoe without an external force pushing the canoe down.

For the calculations, would we assume an external force to maintain vertical equilibrium, or simplify the loading to remove vertical loads?


All of the assumptions for this scenario are provided in Section 6.2.2.m. You do not need to know any of the values related to the weight of the canoe, the weight of the paddlers. The canoe is submerged to the point that the water level on the outside of the canoe is at the gunwale but not spilling into the canoe (the load to reach this state is equal to the product of the total volume of water displaced by the canoe and the unit weight of water). The summation of forces is equal to zero as the loads inside the canoe is equal to the bouyant force acting on it.