Section 6 – Design Paper


The Design Paper Score Card in Appendix A-1 refers to various sections in Section 6 of the rules, but some of these references seem to be incorrect (e.g. the score card says to refer to Section 6.2.2.d for both the Hull Design and Structural Analysis section and the Project and Quality Management section). Given the inconsistencies in ordering and references between the sections, please confirm which clauses govern and whether the section page number designations in Section 6 are correct.


The name of the section govern. Please consider the following section headings for Appendix A-1:

  • Executive summary (Per section 6.2.2.C)
  • Hull Design and structural analysis (Per section 6.2.2.D)
  • Development and testing (Per section 6.2.2.E)
  • Construction (Per section 6.2.2.F)
  • Project and quality managment (Per section 6.2.2.G)