Section 2 – Canoe

Subsection : 6.2 Seat and Mats


FR: J’aimerais valider la légalité de ce prototype de banc pour la compétition. Il respecte toutes les dimensions mentionnées à la sous-section. Nous allons peut être ajouter un petit revêtement de mousse sur le siège.

EN: I would like to validate the legality of this bench prototype for the competition. It respects all the dimensions mentioned in the subsection. We may be adding a small foam coating to the seat.


Here are some clarifications concerning the seats and mats:

  1. The construction must be monolithic (i.e., one solid piece) and be either a seat or a mat
  2. Seats and mats must not compromise safety, health or environment.
  3. Any seat or mat that presents sharp edges or dangerous elements will be refused
  4. A paddler must be able to eject from the seat or the mat with no possible restriction. A seat must not encase any part of the paddler or prevent from swimming
  5. The weight of the seat or the mat is limited to 7.5 kg, to prevent any injuries in case of a roll-over
  6. Any seat or mat that does not float easily after a 10 min soaking period will be refused
  7. Seats and mats must not act as a structural component of the canoe
  8. Seats and mats must not be anchored or fixed to the hull
  9. One element (seat OR mat) is permitted per paddler
  10. Seats or mats must be isolated one from the other (i.e., no load transfer)
  11. The judges and/or SCC committee executives have the right to refuse any seat or mat, at any time. Teams are encouraged to get an approval from the judges or SCC Committee during the product display in case of a doubt

As a reminder, knee pads must be strapped and only cover the knee; otherwise, they will be considered as mats and only 1 per paddler is authorized.

In your case the seat will be checked during the competition. If it meets the rules and regulation requirements, it will be accepted